More Clients Implementing Ensyte's GASTAR As Their Chosen System

[Daily News] Ensyte Energy Software Int'l, Inc. has announced increasingly positive feedback from users of its gas management software solution, GASTAR. The favorable response to the product validates Ensyte's long-standing strategy to provide solutions that are built on the latest technology for optimum customer experience, the company said.

The Ensyte product team has had a busy summer hosting trainings for users throughout the U.S., as more clients implement GASTAR as their chosen system. The training sessions support employees at client locations, as well as the shippers and marketers scheduling gas on client transportation systems. Participants have vocalized their impressions of the solution as one that is intuitive and easy to learn.

GASTAR has gained a solid reputation particularly in the Northeastern states, where several major clients are headquartered. Many of the gas marketers and energy sales managers on some of the largest transportation systems in the region are now trained on the GASTAR product.

As many natural gas companies struggle to work with gas management software solutions that have been nearly impossible to customize and even more challenging to use, GASTAR offers an alternative with greater flexibility and a refined look and feel. Clients have found value in the product because of its ability to take transactions all way through the business cycle-from wellhead to burner tip-without having to implement multiple systems.

Another distinctive feature is the time series platform supporting GASTAR, which enables near real-time viewing of measurement volumes and quality data, as well as the ability to forecast daily available gas by contract.

Ensyte has also expanded features to support gas production and gathering operations, with one such client already utilizing the solution to manage $8 million of natural gas throughput. As more gathering systems continue to arise and expand into the major gas shales, Ensyte positions itself to help these organizations streamline business processes and maximize revenue streams.

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