Aker Solutions And Fjords Processing Form Alliance To Develop Wellstream Separation And Treatment Solutions

Aker Solutions and Fjords Processing have formed an alliance to develop technology and capabilities for advanced, cost-effective wellstream separation and treatment solutions for the subsea and topside oil and gas industry. The WellSep alliance will apply Aker Solutions' subsea processing experience and testing facilities and Fjords' topside and onshore separation technologies to provide complete solutions.

"This is a great opportunity to further develop our key technologies with one of our most important partners, Aker Solutions," said Rune Fantoft, chief executive officer of Fjords Processing. "Developing our competence in a joint initiative will enable us to increase our focus on produced water and separation technology."

"The alliance will further strengthen our wellstream separation technology portfolio, testing and in-house capabilities," said Alan Brunnen, head of subsea at Aker Solutions. "This brings us one step further in developing fully-fledged subsea production and processing systems that increase oil and gas recovery and lower costs for our customers."

Aker Solutions is a leading provider of subsea production systems with a strong base of subsea processing technology and competence from projects including the Åsgard subsea compression development.

Fjords Processing, previously known as Aker Process Systems, has in recent years strengthened its position by acquiring the separation specialist companies Opus Maxim Ltd and Separation Specialists Inc. Fjords Processing has fully refurbished its classical gravity separator technologies and tested its advanced technologies in produced water treatment and electrostatic coalescence with good results.

The alliance will have a dedicated team from both companies. Aker Solutions will serve the subsea market while Fjords Processing focuses on the topside segment.

Aker Solutions is a global provider of products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry. Its engineering, design and technology bring discoveries into production and maximize recovery. The company employs approximately 17,000 people in about 20 countries. Go to www.akersolutions.com for more information on our business, people and values.


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