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Wellsite Data Solutions Releases WDS - Daily Reporting Application

[Daily News] Wellsite Data Solutions has announced the release of their new web-based oilfield operations reporting service: WDS – Daily Reporting. It has been designed with the sole purpose of helping operators to streamline their daily reporting process and wellsite data management; whether it’s for drilling, completion or workover operations.

Daily operations data is entered in a matter of minutes in an intuitive and efficient way. With only one click of the mouse, professional looking reports are automatically generated and emailed out to pre-defined distribution lists. Reports and auto-generated email content are consistent from one well to the next, and from one rig to another.

Comprehensive and accurate final well reports can be generated in a matter of seconds and cover all aspects that operators and regulatory bodies require; for example non-productive time analysis, cost breakdown, scaled well schematics and time-depth-cost charts make up part of the FWR package.

Data entry and reports are completely customizable and Wellsite Data Solutions will work with the operators to help modify them quickly at any time. With 24/7 support and a dedicated support manager assigned to each operator; any questions and modifications can be easily and efficiently implemented.

Matt Longthorpe, director of Wellsite Data Solutions says: “The launch of the WDS – Daily Reporting application brings to the industry a simple, easy to use reporting package that is nevertheless comprehensive and complete. It allows users to capture, analyze and distribute data efficiently using a very intuitive work flow. The fact that we allow reports to be imported from Microsoft Excel also allows users to capture data when there is no internet connection available, or they want to capture data offline; at the same time by allowing engineers to continue to use Excel when they want gives an extra level of comfort and familiarity. When a training course of less than half a day is sufficient to achieve proficiency, it speaks for itself.”

Wellsite Data Solutions (WDS) is a software company that provides tailor-made data management solutions for the oil and gas industry to increase efficiency, improve overall performance and lower costs. WDS’s applications are internet based, permitting registered users to access the application and data from any computer at anytime without the need to install complex software or hardware keys/dongles. By being web-based everyone involved can work with the same dataset, collaborating in real-time. This creates a more efficient and cost-effective data management system, and gives easier access to well-site information.

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