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Fekete Releases Coalbed Methane Analysis Software

[Daily News] Fekete Associates Inc. has released the newest member of its innovative petroleum engineering software products, F.A.S.T. CBM.
In a news release, Fekete said F.A.S.T. CBM is versatile, intuitive, easy to use and comes with full documentation. Its multiple tools allow the user to estimate reserves, and generate production forecasts for new plays, or analyze production and pressure data for producing reservoirs.

F.A.S.T. CBM includes:

* Isotherms -- Visually compare measured gas content of coal to the Langmuir isotherm. Allows for quick estimates of the recovery factor and recoverable reserves based on abandonment pressure. Data can be input as dry ash free or on an as received basis.

* Volumetrics -- Gas in place calculations with a breakdown of adsorbed gas and free gas.

* Forecasting -- Forecast gas and water rates. Capable of forecasting inclining gas rates. The optional Nwells feature allows the user to quickly determine the optimal drilling spacing for play areas.

* History Matching -- Match historical data to determine reservoir parameters (permeability, skin, drainage area, and porosity).

* Matrix Shrinkage -- Matrix shrinkage options available for forecasting/history matching. Correlations include Palmer and Mansoori, and Seidle and Huitt. Permeability versus pressure plots are generated for visual confirmation of correlations.

* Decline Analysis -- Decline analysis added for alternative estimation of gas in place.

* Material Balance -- Determine original gas-in-place using static reservoir pressures. The three material balance methods included are King, Seidle, Jenson and Smith.

* Importing/Exporting Data -- Ability to import PI/Dwights files, Merak files and .csv files. Ability to export all forecasts, and data to a .csv for use in other software.

* Plotting -- All data is shown in customizable, user friendly plots.

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