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OYO Geospace Sells 8,000-Channel Land Nodal Seismic Data Acquisition System To Dawson Geophysical

[Daily News] OYO Geospace has announced it received an order from Dawson Geophysical Company for $6.1 million (US) of geophysical equipment, including 8,000 channels of the Geospace Seismic Recorder (GSR), the company’s land nodal seismic data acquisition system.

This is the company’s first order for a four-channel configured GSR land nodal system. Delivery of the GSR system and related equipment is expected to occur in the company’s second quarter of its 2010 fiscal year.

“We are pleased that Dawson Geophysical has selected our GSR system to expand their technical and operational capabilities. Oil and gas companies are now demanding seismic surveys with higher channel counts, continuous recording capabilities using multiple simultaneous sources and lower overall costs,” said Gary D. Owens, OYO Geospace’s chairman, president and CEO.

“The four-channel GSR system meets these requirements by allowing unlimited channel deployments, and yielding higher operational efficiencies because of its reduced equipment footprint, lower weight and significantly faster crew operations. All of these attributes give the GSR owner a competitive edge and we believe that the future of seismic exploration will focus on nodal systems like the GSR.”

Stephen C. Jumper, Dawson Geophysical’s president and CEO, said, “The OYO GSR 4-channel nodal system will allow us to record 6,000 channels of multi-component data or 8,000 channels of conventional data either as a stand alone system or as added channel count and operational flexibility to our existing recording systems.”

OYO Geospace designs and manufactures instruments and equipment used by the oil and gas industry in the acquisition and processing of seismic data as well as in reservoir characterization and monitoring activities. The company also designs and manufactures equipment and film for the thermal printing industry worldwide.

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