Removing Barriers

[Print Article: November 2012, by Maurice Smith] There is little doubt that what has been the most prominent advance in oil and gas technology in recent years—the commercial success of multistage hydraulic fracturing—has transformed the energy supply picture across North America and, increasingly, around the world.

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Solution in Hand

Hand-held technologies cut costs, improve safety and enhance oilfield equipment reliability
[Print Article: November 2012, by Jim Bentein] Steve Jobs, the late chief executive officer and co-founder of computer, tablet and smartphone technology giant Apple Inc., used to talk about the need for his company’s products to be elegant—a word that might not come to mind if he had learned that North America’s largest hazardous waste disposal firm would end up using his company’s iPads and smartphones in its operations.

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In The Zone

Ozone-based frac water treatment technology provider targets the oilsands.
[Print Article: November 2012, by Jim Bentein] The head of a Florida-based company that has develop­ed a chemical-free water treatment and recycling technology, now used extensively where fracking is deployed in the United States to produce natural gas and oil, says he believes the company’s ozone-based method can also be applied to the oilsands industry in Canada.

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Technology Stars 2012 - A Cut Above

In the quest for oil and gas, those companies whose innovation stands above the rest are recognized as the industry's Technology Stars.
[Print Article: November 2012] In the quest for oil and gas, those companies whose innovation stands above the rest are recognized as the industry’s Technology Stars.

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Production Winner - Nexen Inc. - Water-Wise Fracking

New process uses sour brine and avoids the need for a treatment plant
[Print Article: November 2012, by Godfrey Budd] When Nexen Inc. looked at options for a backup supply of water for its Horn River completion and fracking operations, it soon faced a choice between the tried and true or going the research and development route. Some alternative water supply is all but essential; otherwise, fracking has to rely entirely on surface or close-to-surface water supplies, much of which is subject to fluctuations in rainfall.

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