Pipe Protector

Leveraging coating technology with local production provides an edge

Building new pipeline capacity to get the oilsands to market may get all the attention, but the highly specific needs of pipelines within the oilsands region itself are the focus of one pipeline company that is launching a high tech alternative.

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Driving Fracture Efficiency

Degradable particles and fibres used to isolate fracs, create new ones

The oil and gas industry is in dire need of a comprehensive approach to horizontal completions in order to achieve better well performance. It is a multi-dimensional issue that needs to be addressed with a holistic solution, according to the developer of a new technology that takes the targeting of fractures to a new level.

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Smarter Well Completions

Microseismic analysis offers new insights into fracking operations

When a privately-owned company with 500 employees competes with the giants of the oilfield service industry, such as Halliburton and Schlumberger, which each have several thousand employees and annual revenue in the billions, it better have a technological niche or price advantage.

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Bug Zapper

New analytical tool tackles bacterial contamination in oil and gas infrastructure

When most people think of bacteria, their focus is on infection or contamination in food. But the ubiquitous bugs can also cause big problems in oil and gas (O&G) reservoirs.

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Saying No To H2O

New fracture process aims to entirely eliminate water use

One of the biggest sources of complaints about the energy industry’s shale gas and tight oil revolution is its use of large quantities of water. Its use in hydraulic fracturing causes an assortment of headaches, from the difficulty sourcing it in drought-stricken areas to the costs of handling, recycling and disposing of it, to the damage it can cause to water-sensitive formations, to the public perception its use is simply bad for the environment.

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