Turning Yellow Into Green

Sour oil and gas reserves could generate a golden age for sulphur processors

Sulphur is not a hot commodity for most Alberta companies. For many in the oilpatch, the mere mention of the yellow crystal recalls images of vast sulphur stockpiles that a few producers have created in northern Alberta, mainly as the by-product of sour gas and oilsands production.

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Keeping Track

Suite of solutions helps monitor safety of employees

In a resource industry like oil and gas, where development occurs largely in distant, remote and rugged areas far removed from population centres and reliable cellular reception, ensuring the safety of employees can be onerous.

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In Situ In Charge

Using geothermic fuel cells to heat hydrocarbons and produce power

Energy lost as heat during a chemical reaction is a major problem associated with fuel cell technology in power generation, but not so with in situ oilsands production. For the latter, the heat is a virtue.

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Operators Get A Welcome Lift

New “one-eyed” electronic sensor cracks North American plunger-lift market

Although fairly low profile in Canada’s oilpatch, plunger-lift systems are nonetheless key to keeping many of western Canada’s producing natural gas wells running smoothly.

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Accelerating Radio Frequency Technology

Innovative simulation software could lead to greener oilsands production

It takes a lot of energy to separate bitumen from the oilsands. In the case of in situ projects, where steam is injected into the reservoir in order to heat up the crude so that it can flow more easily to surface, approximately one thousand cubic feet of natural gas is used for every barrel recovered. Currently, one million barrels per day are recovered by in situ techniques. According to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, in situ production is forecast to more than triple, to 3.5 million barrels per day by 2030.

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