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  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things covers all aspects of software and information technology (IT) where it relates to the oil and gas industry, from the field to the back office. It also takes in more recent advances in the so-called Internet of Things, which is known by other terms such as the Industrial Internet of Things (which GE uses), the Internet of Everything etc. Basically the IoT relates to "a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices," and where, by operating in unison, they can have "ambient intelligence." Among the terms often associated with the IoT are Big Data and Analytics, cloud computing, data mining, machine learning and predictive analytics, increasing interconnectivity and machine-to-machine communications, embedded systems and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and, especially in the oilpatch, the digital oilfield.

  • Drilling, Fracturing & Production

    Drilling, Fracturing & Production covers all aspects of the drilling of a well, including drilling methods (such as pad drilling, horizontal and directional drilling, balanced drilling, etc), drilling rigs, drill bits, associated drilling equipment and services (such as power generation, dealing with drill cuttings, downhole drilling technologies such as logging while drilling (LWD) and measurement while drilling (MWD) technologies, etc.

    Drilling, Fracturing & Production also covers all aspects of completing a well (all the activity that takes place after the well is drilled), the most prominent of which is hydraulic fracturing (fracking) also known as multistage fracturing, which is composed of a number of technologies, from pumping equipment at the surface to different methods of fracking the horizontal well--plug and perf versus ball and sliding sleeve system for example--to proppant technologies (sand, ceramic etc), to different frac fluids (chemicals added to the water to better carry the proppant, control bacteria etc), to the many technologies available to supply, treat and dispose of the massive quantities of water needed to frac the well and which are produced from the well after fracking. Completions can also refer to other post-drilling activities, such as workovers (to improve production) and the use of equipment such as pumps, inflow control devices (ICD), equipment sensors and remote well monitoring, and associated technologies.

  • Environment, Health & Safety

    Environment, Health and Safety refers to all environmental aspects related to O&G (reducing emissions and the environmental footprint generally, carbon capture and storage, reclamation, water treatment and reducing water use, environmental monitoring, energy efficiency) and issues related to workplace health & safety (which can include technologies to make work sites like drilling rigs safer, safety devices and detection of hazardous substances, worker training, technologies to make driving and transportation safer, etc).

  • Software

    The increasing complexity of the oil and gas industry is putting more demands on every aspect of the sector, from the interpretation of seismic data in exploration to drilling optimization, to field logistics and real-time monitoring of surface facilities like pump jacks and pipelines, to production accounting and invoicing--all aspects of the industry that benefit from ever improving software solutions. Provided by vendors that range from multinational software conglomerates to tiny tech start-ups, software developed to meet the unique needs of the oilpatch helps to create a more efficient, globally competitive industry.

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