Educated Predictions

New drilling tool is designed to predict problems before they occur

Western Canada, from Manitoba to the high Arctic, has many different formations, and each depositional environment comes with its own rock strengths and composition.

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Frac With Care

Risk assessment system helps companies find least harmful additives

Developing hydraulic fracturing fluid additives posing the least environmental risks—and therefore attracting less scrutiny regarding the practice's impacts on water quality—is a challenge that the Fracturing Fluid Additive Risk Assessment and Selection Tool helps companies address.

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Numbers Game

A revised well ID system will help the U.S. O&G industry—Canada is next

For almost half a century, the American Petroleum Institute’s API well number (based on the API D12A Bulletin) has been a workhorse of the U.S. oil and gas industry. Operators use it to label, store and retrieve well information, including the geographic location, class of well (exploration, etc.), and well components such as sidetracks, logs, cores and completions. Regulatory bodies use it to track drilling permits, collect royalties from production and optimize field conservation.

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Improving Drilling Efficiency

Wealth of well data made useful to producers, explorers

It isn’t every day that an executive with a software company focused on the oil and gas drilling sector calls a main offering from his company “a concept, not a product,” but then that pretty well describes the drilling information databases built by Calgary-based XI Technologies Inc.

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Better Safe Than Sorry

Laser scanners and specialized software allow for faster, more effective testing of pipelines

Even before recent high-profile crude oil pipeline ruptures in the United States, North America’s pipeline carriers had good reason to adopt the latest in pipeline-testing technologies.

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