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CeramiGuard By Unitel And IPSI -- A Promising Weapon In The War Against Corrosion

MT. PROSPECT, Ill. -- Unitel Technologies, Inc. has announced it has joined hands with Inorganic Polymer Solutions, Inc. (IPSI) to commercialize a 100 per cent VOC-free inorganic coating. Its performance is not affected by high temperatures, oxygen-deficient conditions, or marine environments.

CeramiGuard can be used to protect a wide variety of materials including steel, concrete and wood. Applications include power plants, petroleum/petrochemical plants, offshore installations, naval and commercial ships, infrastructure maintenance for bridges, concrete roads and potholes. CeramiGuard is also a longer lasting and lower cost option than galvanizing.

Conventional polymer coatings suffer from a fatal flaw. In the event of a breach, the corrosion travels under the coating, destroys the metal surface and visibly lifts the paint. This is known as osmotic blistering and there is no simple cure for this problem.

CeramiGuard provides a radically new option to fight corrosion with two steps in one. An acid phosphate gel provides the passivation layer while an alkaline colloidal gel forms the protective refractory ceramic top-coat. The underlying chemical reactions occur simultaneously. The unique advantage of CeramiGuard is that the ceramic is formed by an in-situ chemical reaction and not by conventional high temperature processing of inorganic powders.

The background work that led to the formulation of CeramiGuard is described in a seminal book by Arun Wagh Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics. A composition of matter patent application for CeramiGuard has been filed with the USPTO.

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