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The Energy Sector Meets ICT

As New Technology Magazine has already noted, the Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum marked a departure from previous years with the addition of Canada 3.0—an ICT (information, communication and technology) event normally held in eastern Canada—to stimulate more interaction between the energy and ICT communities. The conference, hosted in Calgary Oct. 28-30, sparked many new conversations between the two, and will lead to articles in upcoming issues of New Technology Magazine.

In the meantime, readers are invited to check the Supply Chain Forum website for more information in the form of presentations and videos—many already posted and more to come over the coming weeks.

The Canadian Digital Media Network has also produced informative articles about the event, including the following:

More than 400 gather in Calgary for Canada 3.0

Mutual understanding key to tech-energy collaboration: Canada 3.0 panel

Challenges and opportunities of cleantech key themes as Canada 3.0 closes

International ties drawn tighter through Canada 3.0

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