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Breakthrough TEQUATIC PLUS Self-Cleaning Filters Now Available In Convenient Skid Design

EDINA, Minn. -- Industrial wastewater treatment experts are now able to enjoy all the benefits of continuously cleaning TEQUATIC PLUS F-75 and F-150 Filters in new easy-to-install skid design. Developed by The Dow Chemical Company, TEQUATIC PLUS Filters and skids offer a reliable, self-cleaning solution for removing extremely high and variable solids from fluid streams, even in the presence of fats, oils and grease.

Operating where traditional filters typically fail, they reduce maintenance and consumables costs and facilitate high uptime. The technology is an excellent choice in industrial wastewater treatment and reuse applications, including food and beverage and oilfield water.

Now, with the B-Series Skid, water treatment professionals can save months of design time with the added convenience of fast “out of the box” installation and startup. Easy serviceability helps further reduce labour costs, and a quiet operation minimizes noise pollution.

“Based on growing industry demand, we simplified the customer experience by providing a skid solution that is easier to drop in and integrate into an existing water treatment system,” said Cedella Beazley, filtration business unit director of Dow Water & Process Solutions. “This, combined with innovative controls and other perks, further optimizes the performance and value of TEQUATIC PLUS Filters.”

The B-Series Skid features a scalable modular configuration that allows each skid to connect in parallel to a common feed manifold to meet required flow rate. In addition, an integrated control system runs, monitors and logs essential parameters and a touch screen interface allows for customization of timers and set points to any industrial setting.

“Conventional filtration technologies are typically unable to process highly loaded water without plugging problems,” remarked Ben Orton, global product marketing manager. “TEQUATIC PLUS Filters operate very consistently in extremely nasty environments, which not only helps reduce maintenance and consumables, but also can help reduce surcharges and fresh water costs. The B-Series Skid allows us to deliver this value to our customers even faster, and we’re excited to bring it to market.”

TEQUATIC PLUS Filters – the core of the skid – combine the power of continuously cleaning, cross-flow filtration with forced settling and solids collection into a single device. TEQUATIC PLUS Filters filter down to 15 microns, and handle total suspended solids from 100-10,000 mg/L and greater. Their unique, cross-flow action, combined with an engineered, laser-cut filter element and over 10 unique cleaning mechanisms, delivers higher flow and solids separation without the plugging issues of traditional filters. The technology also has the flexibility to operate as a primary filter or as a prefilter to dissolved air flotation, helping to reduce chemical costs.

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