Epic Subsidiary, Golder Submit Pre-Application To DOE For Sequestration Project

[Daily News] Rival Resources, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Epic Oil and Gas Ltd., says it has jointly submitted, with Golder Associates Inc. of Seattle, a pre-application to the U.S. Department of Energy for grant funds of $500,000 (U.S.).
These funds would be used to develop carbon dioxide sequestration technology on leases held by Rival in the Bellingham Basin of northwest Washington State in order to decrease carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and use methane for clean burning electrical power generation.

The proposal is entitled "Technologies for an Integrated Carbon Dioxide Sequestration -- Electrical Generation System."

The program includes the drilling of a well that would be used for pilot scale injection of carbon dioxide and methane recovery. The object of the program is to develop and demonstrate technologies that will permanently bury significant volumes of carbon dioxide while simultaneously displacing methane gases from the coal seams underlying leases held by Rival. This methane would be used for clean burning electrical power generation. The total cost of this test project is estimated to be $700,000 (U.S.) that is comprised of the $500,000 grant plus $200,000 from Rival.

Epic believes that the sequestration of carbon dioxide into coalbeds with the associated methane production and carbon credit system will become a very significant industry in the near future and would see the company as being a major participant in this industry.

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