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RCW Energy Services Introduces H2OmniView: World’s First Cloud-Based Frac Water Transfer Management System

CARROLLTON, Tex. -- RCW Energy Services has announced H2OmniView, the world’s most advanced water transfer management system for fracking and other oilfield operations.

RCW has signed an exclusive long-term license agreement with Anelto, LLC, to provide a user-friendly, cloud-based platform for the proprietary system, which enables frac operation managers to track every aspect of the essential water transfer process, from the water source to the wellhead, using any Internet-connected device.

“Water is a precious resource, especially with the prolonged drought conditions we’ve experienced over the last few years,” said RCW president Glenn Young. “H2OmniView helps conserve water and provides our customers situational awareness through a real-time interface that continuously monitors water flow, pressure and volumes, detects leaks and other anomalies, communicates alert notifications and generates customized job reports.”

Hydraulic fracturing—fracking—has opened vast U.S. oil and gas resources that previously were uneconomic to develop, driving natural gas prices down and expanding supplies.

“Fracking has opened the door to American energy independence and water is essential to the process,” said Young.

Water transfer operations involve transporting water from local sources via temporary pipeline to a frac site, where it is mixed with chemicals and sand or other materials and forced underground under pressure to crack and then prop open fissures in tight-rock formations to enable oil and gas to flow more easily to the wellbore.

“H2OmniView is the latest in high-tech solutions RCW employs to improve operations and reduce costs for our customers while conserving water and protecting the environment,” said Young. “In addition to our state-of-the-art water management system, we use the most advanced sealed pumps, lay-flat, no-leak hoses and Victaulic couplings to ensure that not a drop is wasted.”

Tom Daugherty, Anelto’s senior vice-president and chief technology officer, said, “We’re very excited that RCW has selected our platform to enhance their real-time management of water transfer operations and look forward to supporting the strong growth of RCW’s business for years to come.”

Anelto is a technology company focused on providing unique solutions to oil and gas and personal emergency response (PERS) customers.

RCW Energy Services provides efficient and environmentally conscious water transfer services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, RCW also has offices in Kilgore, Madisonville, Pleasanton and Midland, Texas.

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