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SHIFT Energy And Triacta Help Launch Energy Management System At Federal Research Centre

OTTAWA, Ont. -- Saint John, New Brunswick's SHIFT Energy Inc., and Triacta, an Ottawa-based company, have announced the launch of a comprehensive Energy Management Information System (EMIS) called EnergyMentor at Natural Resources Canada's CanmetENERGY Research Centre, located in Ottawa.

As part of the solution a highly intuitive Energy Dashboard and an Employee Engagement Kiosk were installed at the M-3 building of its Bells Corner Complex. Both the systems were developed by SHIFT Energy, a privately held company that has received government support for these systems through both the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) and the Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency (ACOA).

The installation of the Energy Management Information System marks the adaptation stage of a pilot project that was started in the fall of 2011 by CanmetENERGY and Triacta to evaluate the effectiveness of the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard. In January, SHIFT Energy was invited to help with the visualization and analysis of the ten separate sources of energy data collected by Triacta's PowerHawk sub-meters, a BTU meter and a natural gas meter.

"…[SHIFT's] highly customizable and intuitive EMIS dashboard would help us add new metrics and contents to engage people—a big part in energy conservation process. The capability of their solution to integrate with our infrastructure meant cost effective and faster turnaround," said Brett Harris of Triacta Power Technologies answering to the question why they recommended SHIFT Energy.

Commenting about the joint project, Brock Sansom, president and CEO of SHIFT Energy, said, "We are delighted to bring an EMIS based solution set to help NRCan achieve their energy efficient and sustainability targets." Describing the solution set, Brock continued, "The dashboard shows real-time, minute by minute energy information on any type of utility and renewable sources at both meter and individual device level. The simple, easy to use analytics helps engage all building occupants in the sustainability endeavour."

The sophisticated algorithm powering the dashboard was developed over three years in collaboration with Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), University of New Brunswick and other technology partners. It can easily detect demand patterns based on weather, occupancy et cetera and provide alerts and recommendations to take actions to prevent waste. On the other hand by making energy information visually interesting and providing dynamic behavioral feedback, the Employee Engagement Kiosk would educate the staff on energy conservation practices and promote sustainability.

SHIFT Energy Inc. combines leading-edge information and communications technology with engineering expertise to focus on energy performance for both public and private facilities. With its EnergyMentor solution offerings SHIFT Energy helps customers around the world reduce their energy costs and improving environmental sustainability. SHIFT Energy is privately owned and located in Saint John, NB.

Triacta Power Technologies designs and manufactures high-end, revenue grade energy management meters for multi-unit commercial, institutional and residential applications. Every Triacta meter comes complete with software that combines meter management, automated data collection, powerful analysis tools and flexible billing capabilities—everything needed to create and manage a metering infrastructure.

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