Senscient ELDS Series 2000 Detector Simultaneously Detects Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

[Daily News] Senscient's new ELDS Series 2000 H2S+CH4 open path gas detector (OPGDs) features the company's patented Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS) technology for increased sensitivity, simultaneous multi-gas detection capability and remote electronic functionality confirmation.
An industry first, Senscient's new ELDS Series Open Path Gas Detectors (OPGDs) feature truly false-alarm free, low ppm detection of both flammable and toxic gases.

Using a separate transmitter and receiver configuration, ELDS Series 2000 dual laser systems measure a Harmonic Fingerprint introduced onto the transmitter's laser beam(s) by absorption of the target gas(es) in the monitored path.

"Our ultra-sensitive ELDS technology provides the operator with the earliest warning response of any other gas detection technology for safety applications on the market today, providing precious time for remedial action to shut down plant processes and evacuate personnel," according to Jean Berthold, Senscient CMSO and VP.

It is the Harmonic Fingerprint technology combined with other advanced features that enable ELDS detectors to eliminate false alarms from non-target gases such as organic surfactants, diesel fumes, oil mist and other environmental factors such as rain and snow that bedevil other gas detectors in the market.

The ELDS OPGD detectors also feature another industry first, SimuGas, a remote detector testing and auto data-logging technology that eliminates the need to physically access individual gas detectors in the field, or handle hazardous gas cylinders to perform functional testing.

Senscient's ELDS OPGD gas detectors are the only open path detectors with both FM Global and ATEX Electrical Safety Approvals and Performance Certifications. ELDS Series detectors meet and exceed the requirements of the leading gas detection safety standards for offshore oil drilling platforms, FPSOs, onshore petrochemical facilities and oil refineries around the world.

From a purely business perspective, a major benefit to the ELDS detector is its competitive advantage of a dramatically lower capital expenditure and a much lower cost of ownership to achieve a comprehensive gas detection system solution. "We can show a 60% reduction in total project costs over the traditional NDIR or LDS-based open path systems out there today," says Berthold.

Senscient was established in 2004 to develop, manufacture and market advanced gas detection products for industrial safety, environmental monitoring and process analysis applications.
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