Hifi Launches HDS Pipeline Leak Detection Technology; Announces Project Investment With SDTC

CALGARY, Alta. -- Hifi Engineering Inc., a developer of leading edge fibre optic sensing technologies used to monitor gas and fluid flow in pipelines and oil and gas wells, today announced the commercial availability of its HDS, high-fidelity dynamic (acoustics, temperature, strain) sensing for real-time, preventative pipeline leak detection.

"We are very excited about the launch of Hifi's HDS technology for real time preventative leak detection for pipelines," said Steven Koles, Hifi's president and CEO. "This system has been in development for many years, leverages the success of our HDS offering for downhole flow applications, captures the highest quality data in real time, and is the most precise remote sensing technology available in the industry."

Hifi's HDS high definition technology includes proprietary, sensing-based fibre optic cables as well as optical hardware and software for permanent deployment along a pipeline, for continuous monitoring in real time. The patented software algorithms are designed to correlate acoustic, temperature and vibration / strain data in real-time to discern operating conditions such as excessive strain, thermal events and security intrusions, which if left unaddressed, could evolve into a leak in the pipeline. The HDS system can also detect extremely low flow and pinhole sized leaks, with the ability to alarm and notify the pipeline operator in seconds.

As previously announced, Hifi has been working with Enbridge's Pipeline Control Systems and Leak Detection (PCSLD) team to test Hifi's HDS technology, along with other vendors, through their External Leak Detection Experimental Research (ELDER) test apparatus in Edmonton. "We believe that Hifi has the potential to help the energy industry future and our goal of 100-per-cent safety," says Rocco Vita, Enbridge's director, Emerging Technology.

Future releases of Hifi's HDS technology will include pipeline flow monitoring, which will provide high definition data and analysis for pipeline operations, allowing operators to better understand their assets, make smarter operating decisions, enable improved compliance and stakeholders relations and improved insurability.

Hifi and Sustainability Technology Development Canada (SDTC), on behalf of the Government of Canada, also announced project investment from the SD Tech Fund, of $2 million as part of a $6 million development initiative of Hifi's next generation HDS technology for preventative pipeline leak detection. The announcement was made with Tim Uppal, Canada's Minister of State (Multiculturalism).

"Our government is positioning Canada as a global leader in the clean technology sector by supporting innovative projects aimed at growing our economy while contributing to a cleaner environment," said Uppal. "We are proud to invest in these innovative companies, and the projects announced today will create jobs for Albertans and continue to place Canada at the forefront of the clean tech industry."

"The project announced today with Hifi is a great example of the Canadian clean tech entrepreneurship that drive SDTC's portfolio," said Jane Pagel, acting CEO of SDTC. "By supporting these innovative technologies, SDTC is investing in efficiency and environmental performance - which translate into a cleaner environment. We look forward to working with Hifi to get their products to market successfully."

"Hifi is very proud to announce this project investment with SDTC," said John Hull, CTO and founder of Hifi. "We will continue to work on the technology to ensure it continues to provide the highest quality and highest fidelity data in the market. Hopefully with our industry partners, we can provide renewed confidence to the public and governments that hydrocarbons can be transported safely in pipelines."

Hifi is a privately held Canadian company, with minority ownership from Enbridge and Cenovus, specializing in the research, development and operation of leading edge fibre optic sensing technologies primarily used to monitor gas and fluid flow in pipelines and oil and gas wells. Headquartered in Calgary, Hifi currently has a number of commercialized products, including its HDS MiCro tool offering for downhole flow applications. With over 1,000 wells logged, the MiCro tool has been proven to assist in pinpointing casing leaks. Hifi is currently focusing its research to adapt its existing fibre optic technology to find low rate leaks in energy transportation pipelines and horizontal operating wells. For more information, visit www.hifieng.com.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, SDTC helps bring Canadian clean technologies closer to market, readying them for growth and export markets. Through its SD Tech Fund, SDTC helps companies through the critical juncture when capital and scaling costs become challenges and the risk profile deters other investors. The SDTC portfolio is currently comprised of 269 clean technology projects with a total value of $2.5 billion, of which over $1.8 billion is leveraged primarily from the private-sector. For more information, visit www.sdtc.ca.


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