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Schlumberger Launches New Multiphase Technologies In Asia

[Daily News] Schlumberger Oilfield Services has launched its new Vx multiphase well testing technology in Asia.
Jointly developed by Schlumberger and Framo Engineering A.S., the Vx technologies are capable of measuring the individual oil, gas and water phase flowrates without the need for prior phase separation, safety systems, or process control.

Employed as part of well testing and optimization services, Vx technologies consist of PhaseTester portable phase testing equipment, PhaseWatcher fixed monitoring equipment, and PowerLift artificial lift optimization. Deployment of these services throughout Asia extends the toolbox of techniques to solve operational problems while reducing emissions during well testing in this region, Schlumberger said.

"This represents a significant development for the global oil and gas industry because well performance data can now be acquired remotely and in realtime, enabling a rapid response to enhance production performance while lowering overall costs," said Chakib Sbiti, president of Schlumberger Oilfield Services -- Middle East and Asia.

Schlumberger said new developments realized through Vx testing practices include measurement accuracy and repeatability without the need for a test separator. The PhaseTester services provide well-to-well testing solutions while reducing costs associated with rig-up/rig-down time. The permanently installed and remotely operated PhaseWatcher Vx service improves production diagnosis throughout the life of the field in both manned and unmanned remote facilities. The PowerLift services optimize artificially lifted wells to deliver increased production and improved recovery.

Gas flaring can be avoided through the use of the new Vx multiphase testing technologies, which include multiphase pumping, resulting in reduced emissions, the company said.

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