BJ Services Awarded $98.1 Million From Halliburton In Federal Court

[Daily News] BJ Services Company says that a verdict was rendered in its favor by a Federal Court jury in Houston, Texas, in connection with its patent infringement lawsuit filed against Halliburton Energy Services.
The jury has awarded BJ the sum of $98.1 million in damages.

BJ Services filed the lawsuit in March 2000. The company said it was seeking damages for Halliburton's infringement of the patented method for fracturing oil and gas formations with a low polymer fracturing fluid, which BJ markets as Vistar.

The jury found that Halliburton's competing system, known as Phoenix, infringed BJ's patent and that BJ's patent is valid.

J.W. Stewart, BJ Services chairman and CEO, said: "BJ Services invested tremendous research and development resources to develop this unique low polymer fracturing fluid that has delivered great results for our customers. We are prepared to offer this Vistar technology and the services that accompany that technology to any customer anywhere in the world."

In light of the jury's finding, the Court will issue a permanent injunction prohibiting Halliburton from continuing to sell or offer for sale its Phoenix system.

Halliburton has stated it plans to appeal the award. It said the jury found there was no intentional infringement.

"We are surprised and disappointed by this result. We will appeal the verdict because we continue to believe that the patent is invalid," said Dave Lesar, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Halliburton. "We already have other fracturing fluids that we are currently using in our fracturing business which provide similar results and we will be expanding our use of these other fluids in place of the Phoenix fluid which is used primarily in South Texas and the Rocky Mountains. We do not expect an adverse reaction from our customers or that the loss of the Phoenix fluid will have a significant impact on our overall energy services business."
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