NEOS Launches Geoscience Program In San Juan Basin To Evaluate Exploration Potential

HOUSTON, Tex. -- NEOS GeoSolutions, Inc. has announced that it has secured the underwriting needed to launch an integrated geological and geophysical program in a roughly 1,000 square mile area of the San Juan Basin, a resource-rich region that underlies much of the Four Corners area of northern New Mexico, southwest Colorado, and parts of Arizona and Utah. The tight shale formations of the San Juan Basin contain some of the United States’ largest natural gas deposits.

Lance Moreland, director of Business Development for NEOS, commented, “We’ll be acquiring new airborne geophysical datasets – magnetic, electromagnetic, radiometric, and gravity – and integrating these with existing seismic and well information. This neoBASIN survey has been designed to provide high-value, basement-to-surface insights so that our lead underwriter can better evaluate exploration potential and identify the most prospective locations for future exploitation and development as they work to expand the core area of the play.”

Anticipated project deliverables include:

  • Assessments of basin-scale geologic trends;
  • Maps of basin architecture and regional structure;
  • Maps of key lineaments, faults and fault-driven fracture networks;
  • 2-D and 3-D structural and stratigraphic models;
  • Maps of basement topography, faulting and composition;
  • A 3-D resistivity volume extending above and below the target reservoir interval(s);
  • Maps of relative prospectivity, hydrocarbons in place, selected rock properties and fluid distributions derived using predictive analytics methodologies.

The results should be available for license to non-underwriters in late 2015.

NEOS helps exploration teams in the onshore oil and gas, and mining industries make faster, more informed decisions about where to explore, lease and drill. In partnership with its clients, NEOS acquires and simultaneously interprets multiple geological, geophysical, and geochemical datasets to identify hydrocarbons and minerals in the subsurface.

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