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Roxar Launches Fieldmanager And Fieldwatch

[Daily News] Roxar, a leading technology solutions provider to the oil and gas industry, has announced the launch of Roxar Fieldmanager and Fieldwatch, providing operators with a common desktop for the visualization, monitoring, analysis and interpretation of their reservoirs.
Roxar Fieldwatch is a specialized Windows-based field monitoring system enabling E&P; operators to 'watch their fields' remotely, and Roxar Fieldmanager is a comprehensive production data management system, allowing them to manage and interpret the field's data. Both solutions are built on Roxar's data acquisition technology, DACQUS.

The rapid retrieval and display capabilities of both applications will also give the user the ability to quickly visualize the data and identify trends, patterns or areas of interest for further analysis. The result will be increased information and reduced uncertainty when making crucial production optimization and reservoir management decisions.

Said Roxar CEO Gunnar Hviding, "E&P; companies today require a complete picture of their reservoir, but are all too often overwhelmed by raw data with a single oil or gas field generating up to one terabyte of data per day (Source: IBM Global Services). Whether it is temperature, pressure or flow rates, Roxar Fieldmanager and Fieldwatch are playing a crucial role in transforming this raw data into valuable decision-making information and providing a complete solution from field instrument through to desktop."

He continues: "With today's E&P; operator demanding an integrated, reservoir monitoring and asset management system, where the economic impact and risk of reservoir management decisions can be fully assessed, the timing of Roxar Fieldmanager and Fieldwatch's market introduction could not have been better."

Additional benefits of Roxar Fieldmanager and Fieldwatch include:

- Simplified and streamlined processes, enabling the user to spend more of the time analyzing the data and less time collating or finding it.

- Powerful interpretation, analysis and monitoring tools to assist with production optimization and reservoir management.

- Interoperability with third party petroleum engineering applications and systems, and any downhole gauge or meter. Roxar Fieldmanager and Fieldwatch also provide interoperability with Roxar's reservoir modelling software, IRAP RMS, reservoir simulation solution, Tempest and EnABLE, one of the industry's leading history matching and uncertainty estimation software products.

- Improved data access and management with the instant access, display, management and integration of data from a variety of instruments and sensors for the lifetime of the field or fields.

- A user-friendly format, and intuitive operation, enabling the user to define what instrument data they need to monitor and analyze.

- The ability to access data at onshore and offshore fields, at corporate headquarters, or at another remote location.

Roxar Fieldwatch contains a set of integrated modules that provide automatic data acquisition, data logging, monitoring, replication, data analysis and event notification.

Real-time data, such as downhole temperature, pressure and flow rates, can be accessed directly at the desktop via a graphical user interface and transferred at regular intervals to Roxar Fieldmanager. The selected measurements are constantly updated, building a historical databank that can be visualized for any time span.

Roxar Fieldmanager, which is typically based at an operator's onshore offices, offers a broad range of powerful data interpretation and analysis capabilities, including the ability to calculate quantities from measured data, such as the dynamic calculation of flow stream hydrocarbon composition.

Roxar Fieldmanager's full life of field storage allows the customer to perform reservoir analyses on short to mid-term historical data and look back analyses on the complete history of the well or reservoir.

In addition, Roxar Fieldmanager is a key component of Roxar's suite of iRPM (Integrated Reservoir and Production Management) solutions, providing production data for the updating of the operator's reservoir models as well as supporting other decision support applications, such as IRAP RMS, Tempest and EnABLE.

Roxar Fieldmanager and Fieldwatch are modular, distributed and scalable systems which can be expanded as the customer's needs and business grow. The solutions utilize the industry standard network communications protocol, TCP/IP to connect to the customer's communications network, and to connect remote locations via a telecommunications provider, satellite services provider or over the Internet.

Roxar is a leading international technology solutions provider to the upstream oil and gas industry. The company creates value for its customers through innovative products and services that help achieve maximum performance from oil and gas reservoirs.

With its head offices in Stavanger, Norway, Roxar employs over 800 staff and has 28 offices in 19 countries with a network of wholly owned offices in Europe, the Americas, Africa, CIS, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. In July 2007, Roxar was acquired by Norwegian company CorrOcean ASA, having previously been owned by Arcapita Bank B.S.C. Roxar's international customer base includes all of the multinationals, major independents and the majority of national oil companies.
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