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Expro International Acquires DHV International

[Daily News] Expro International Group PLC has announced the acquisition of DHV International Inc., the leading supplier of downhole video services to the oil and gas industry.
Based in Oxnard, California but with global operations, DHV International provides a range of downhole video services through its Hawk-Eye III, Fibre-Optic and Slickline camera systems.

Downhole video systems are gaining rapid acceptance as a cost-effective technology enabling operators to quickly and accurately diagnose wellbore problems. In addition to mechanical inspection of wellbores, downhole video services are also used for fluid entry surveys and as a fishing aid.

DHV International will complement Expro's existing portfolio of technology based cased hole services. At the same time Expro's global infrastructure and client base will deliver a global footprint for DHV.

Francis Neill, cased hole director, commented: "Downhole video has definitely come of age. Cost effective downhole visualisation has been a requirement of operators for many years. DHV's technology can now deliver this. From stripper wells in North America to high rate, horizontal gas wells in the North Sea, DHV can provide fit for purpose solutions.

"Combined with Expro's innovative technologies such as the CaTS wireless transmission system and the SmartTract tractor, the acquisition of DHV positions Expro as the market leading innovator in production optimization for brownfield environments."

Expro is a leading upstream oil and gas technology and service provider, specializing in well performance and production optimization. Its products and services are packaged into three distinct business segments: Cased Hole Services, Subsurface Systems, and Surface and Environmental Systems.

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