Transform Unveils Technology To Provide Superior Microseismic Quality Control And Outputs

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Transform Software and Services, a recognized innovation leader in microseismic interpretation and reservoir analytics for conventional and unconventional E&P resources, announced the company previewed its newest product TerraLocate during the SEG Annual Meeting 2012.

Guided by a consortium of eight leading E&P operators, TerraLocate is specifically designed to address persistent quality control challenges in the area of microseismic data acquisition and processing. It empowers geophysicists and engineers with multiple visual and statistical features that identify operational acquisition problems, as well as common processing impediments such as inaccurate velocities and poor microseismic event detection. These impediments often seriously degrade the value of microseismic monitoring of hydraulic fracturing, which is a key technology for enhancing oil and gas well production.

TerraLocate has been developed as an essential tool to evaluate and improve the quality of results received from microseismic contractors. TerraLocate is also a valuable addition for microseismic contractors, to augment and extend their existing quality assurance and processing capabilities. TerraLocate has been deployed to consortium members and is targeted for broad commercial release in early 2013, in conjunction with the full Transform suite of analytic interpretation and modeling software.

"Microseismic faces many of the same quality-related challenges as surface seismic," said Dean Witte, CEO, Transform. "Thirty years ago, innovative software emerged to enable both E&P companies and their seismic contractors to identify field acquisition and subsequent quality challenges. TerraLocate provides a similar leap in technology, providing a quality control platform that allows oil and gas operators to receive superior microseismic processing and interpretation results."

TerraLocate's functionality extends beyond issues regarding raw field data. It is further designed to compare and evaluate the positioning of events for downhole microseismic surveys, thus helping to achieve superior positioning results. As Witte notes, it also opens up microseismic processing to broader application and value.

"The issue of quality control has been an impediment to achieving reliable microseismic results and accurate assessment of hydraulic fracturing effectiveness," Witte noted. "Until now, microseismic software has largely been in the hands of major contractors, as proprietary technology, unavailable to oil and gas operators or smaller microseismic contractors. Transform is leveling the playing field by providing capabilities for operators and contractors alike to monitor and improve microseismic data quality. The industry gains overall more reliable microseismic events and thereby more accurate interpretation of stimulated reservoir volumes and fracture networks – driving better optimization of oil and gas well performance."

Transform Software and Services, Inc. is the leading software innovator in the E&P industry, targeting major unconventional and conventional reservoir challenges. Established in 2004, Transform has developed robust visualization, interpretation and oilfield analytic technology spanning geophysical, geological and engineering workflows for tight-oil and gas, heavy-oil and most conventional reservoirs. Transform's software suite is powered by the company's proprietary analytic interpretation and modelling (AI&M) platform, and is specifically designed to integrate, automate, broaden and simplify interpretation and analysis of E&P data for sweet spot targeting and well production optimization.

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