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Diversified Industries Making Market Gains With Proprietary H2S Scavenger Technology In Saskatchewan

[Daily News] Diversified Industries Ltd. continues to enjoy increased sales of its hydrogen sulphide (H2S) scavenger product, DVS 6000, to the oil and gas industry in southeast Saskatchewan.

A proprietary product developed by Diversified Industries, DVS 6000 was introduced in Saskatchewan in mid-2002. Customers include trucking companies and one of the three gas plants in the area which uses the product as a polishing agent for final sweetening of natural gas prior to shipping by pipeline. DVS 6000 is a proven H2S scavenger that has a variety of applications for the oil and gas industry and related industrial sectors.

The company's Saskatchewan distributor, Acutec Systems Ltd., reports that sales to trucking companies are rising in response to enforcement of regulations requiring H2S scrubbers on tanker trucks transporting oilfield products. Acutec recently received an order for 8 drums of DVS 6000 from one of several trucking firms they provide product to in southeast Saskatchewan.

Of an estimated 140 to 150 tanker trucks in the southeast Saskatchewan area, only about three percent are currently equipped with H2S scrubbers, according to John Grimes, president of Acutec Systems, who anticipates continued demand for DVS 6000 in the scrubbers. Among Acutec's customers, one trucking company has already installed three scrubbers on tanker trucks in its fleet and plans to equip 15 more trucks with scrubbers. Another trucking company has installed three scrubbers in its fleet of 25 tanker trucks.

"DVS 6000 is the preferred product as a scrubbing agent, because it is non-corrosive, has no smell and is easy and safe to use," said Grimes. Some Acutec customers are reporting DVS 6000 also outperforms ammonia, which has been used traditionally in H2S scrubbers, according to Grimes.

"There's less risk with DVS 6000," he said, adding that trucking customers have reported DVS 6000 is also highly cost-effective. "Customers have said that the initial purchase of DVS 6000 may cost more, but in the long run it outperforms ammonia."

He indicated that DVS 6000 is also being used by at least one trucking customer in carbon dioxide scrubbers. A distributor of gas scrubbers based in Lampman, Acutec Systems has been serving the oil and gas industry in southeast Saskatchewan since the 1980s and is also involved in oilfield test tank rentals, pressure vessel rentals and oilfield instrumentation.

Non-flammable and non-corrosive, DVS 6000 is being marketed by Diversified as the safest and easiest-to-use H2S scavenger on the market. Product distributors in Canada include Acutec Systems, Strike Oilfield Services and Univar Canada. Univar has also placed increased orders this summer for deliveries to their Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary warehouses. High Arctic Well Control distributes the product in the Middle East. As well, the company is in discussions for distribution to Russia, Trinidad and South America.

DVS 6000 is one of several proprietary technologies being developed and/or commercialized by Diversified, which is focusing on product applications for the oil and gas industry. The Sidney, B.C.-based company is establishing a product development facility in Edmonton, Alberta.
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