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Fotech To Exhibit Its Innovative Helios DAS Technology At SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference

CHURCH CROOKHAM, U.K. -- Fotech Solutions, the in-well monitoring technology specialist, will be demonstrating its pioneering approach to downhole logging with Helios Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) technology at the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference in Texas on February 9-11.

Fotech will be showcasing how Helios DAS gives operators a multi-dimensional and dynamic profile of well conditions. This enables well engineers to make real-time adjustments to optimize each stage, as well as providing insights over a longer series of operations to maximise efficiency and safety.

Kent Wardley, VP, Sales, Oil and Gas, Fotech Solutions, commented: “As market conditions remain unstable, operators face the challenge of maximising recovery rates and production efficiency. It is only by using technologies like Helios DAS and leveraging the additional information they provide, that operators will be able to optimize hydraulic fracturing operations to maximise production levels safely.

“The SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference is a great opportunity to review the success and new developments from 2015 and discuss how the technology is being effectively applied to unconventional plays around the world.”

DAS works by converting a single mode fibre optic cable in the casing or production tubing into the equivalent of thousands of highly sensitive sensors. By sending 1-2m pulses of light along the fibre-optic cable, DAS continually receives a small amount of light in the form of backscatter. When sound or vibrations disturb the casing of the fibre, the characteristics of the backscatter are changed. DAS interrogates this to identify and locate the disturbance, allowing engineers to “visualise” and record what is going on downhole in real-time.

The SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference is a popular industry event that will provide an opportunity to discuss current and proven technologies that are used during hydraulic fracturing operations and how to apply these globally.

Fotech Solutions, established in 2008, specialises in the development and delivery of Distributed Acoustic Sensing or DAS based solutions. Operating primarily in oil and gas and pipeline sectors, Fotech has developed the Helios system which converts an optical fibre up to 40 kilometres long into a solution that is equivalent to tens of thousands of individual vibration sensors. Real-time detection of the vibrations caused by acoustic disturbances along the fibre is translated into information that will aid the oil and gas operator in exploration, production and delivery activities, or a pipeline operator with intrusion detection, leak detection or pig tracking activities.


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